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Medicare – Frequently Asked Questions

Congratulations! You’re turning 65! Welcome to what many might consider to be one of the most confusing and intimidating times of your adult life. Between deciding what to do with your Social Security, your investments, and whether or not to retire, adding Medicare to the mix can make the already complicated situation that much more difficult to get through. The good news, however, is that it doesn’t have to be.Although there are countless questions to answer when considering your options in Medicare, we have observed that they fall into 3 main categories:1) Do I need it? 2) How much is it going to cost me? And 3) How do I know which insurance to select?To address the first question, there are no short answers. You may not need Medicare if you are receiving benefits through an employer or group plan and intend to remain actively employed beyond age 65. Additionally, you may not wish to enroll in Medicare if doing so would inadvertently cause a spouse or a dependent to be dropped from …

Retirement Planning – What You Need to Consider

As a broker I often notice that potential clients only view me or my agents as just the Medicare insurance person when in fact we offer complete retirement planning for all ages. When I’m in an appointment I fact find by asking certain questions that people never talk about. For example:Do you have concerns regarding post hospital care or long term care? Do you want to burden your children if you need that care? Do you have money set aside for intermediate and custodial care? I ask these questions because Medicare or Medicare Advantage plans do not pay for post hospital care, nor do they pay for intermediate or custodial care. Most people think they will never need it but if you are not properly covered it could cost you your nest egg.Do you have life or final expense insurance? Do you have a whole life policy and are you still paying premiums? Why did you choose term insurance? If you don’t have coverage who will pay for your burial expenses, your children? Does that concern you? The…