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What Is Final Expense Insurance?

American journalist Frank McKinney said over a hundred years ago, “Fun is like Life Insurance, the older you get the more it costs.” While a funny limerick at the time, insurance companies have adapted from this concept.What is one to do if they have gone their whole life without purchasing any type of life insurance and have loved ones they need to protect? Years ago there were not many options for seniors who found themselves in this situation, Life Insurance late in life was typically very costly and thus not an option for seniors. This is why many insurance companies today now offer Final Expense or Burial Insurance.What is Final Expense Insurance?Traditional life insurance, whether it be term life, whole life or universal life policies have been around forever and are designed to offset the earning power and life value of its policyholder. They are in place to cover loss of income, mortgage costs, college tuitions, etc. and can have death benefits in excess of a $1,000,000.Unlike…

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Understanding Dual Eligible Medicare Plans

“In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Had Ben Franklin been alive to see the current healthcare situation in our country today, he may have added confusion regarding government healthcare policy as another certainty. It seems there are so many gray areas and variables to consider.Trying to get a real person on the phone who can give you a straight yes or no answer sometimes seems like a quaint memory from years past. I would like to touch on the differences between Medicare and Medicaid to try to eliminate some of that confusion.The simplest distinction between the two is that Medicare is generally for people turning 65 and that Medicaid is for folks who need assistance due to financial constraints. However there are areas where the two overlap. Let’s take a look at exactly who qualifies for assistance and what benefits they may be afforded.When determining eligibility, the Social Security Administration (SSA) will take into account income and reso…

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