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Medigap Vs Medicare Advantage in 2017

The Complete GuideWelcome to 2017! It’s a new year and there will thousands more eligible for Medicare and a thousand more questions when it comes to choosing Medicare health coverage. A lot of seniors we meet with really are confused about what Medigap and Advantage plans cover and how they differ in benefits and what is covered or not covered in each plan.Seniors choosing a Medicare Advantage plan must realize they are giving up Medicare as their primary insurance.The Advantage plan takes over for Medicare and makes all the rules regarding your health care and sets forth cost sharing, such as copays for doctor and specialist visits, impatient hospital care which can usually cost a couple of hundred dollars each day you are hospitalized, X-rays, lab services, outpatient procedures, ER visits, radiology etc.When choosing an Advantage plan you would obviously want to sit down with a BGA Insurance agent because there are an abundance of plans to choose from and they vary widely regardin…