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A Licensed Agent Should Review Your Part D Plan

The Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage is confusing and has you all stressed out. Which one do I choose?The one with the deductible or the one without?The one with the lowest monthly premium?The one that all my friends have?The one that has a familiar name?Will all my scripts be covered?Will I fall into the donut hole? What is the donut hole?These are just a few concerns on the minds of seniors today when enrolling onto Medicare. Pick the wrong plan and it could cost you hundreds of dollars more a year if not thousands. Let me put your mind at ease. As a free service your BGA Insurance agent will find the most cost effective plan for you, and not only that, we will review your prescription plan every year during the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) to make sure you are saving the most money as you possibly can.Reviewing Your PlanWhen I sit down with a prospective client and assist them in their Medicare needs, I always mention that not only will I help you find the right Part D …