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Summertime Rates – See If You Qualify

The Dog Days of Summer – A Good Opportunity to Review Your Retirement PlanYes, it’s hot out there, people are laying by the pool sipping cold cocktails, everyone is taking their vacations, others are spending time at the shore and a lot of people don’t want to be bothered talking insurance or retirement planning in general.But not your BGA Insurance agent, we are still here servicing our clients, meeting people who are retiring, talking Medicare, transferring 401Ks into fixed annuities, reviewing life insurance options etc.For example, about five years ago we placed hundreds of our clients with Central States Indemnity (CSI) medigap plans. Great company who had great rates at the time, but just like any other carrier over time their rates have increased. This is a good time as any to catch your BGA agent to see if you qualify for a lower rate for your plan. It’s always worth a conversation to see if you qualify to save yourself some money.I always tell my clients that just because com…

New Medicare Cards Coming by 2019

ATTENTION MEDICARE CARD HOLDERS! GREAT NEWS!Congress has announced by April 2019 all Medicare recipients will be issued new Medicare cards that will NOT have the recipient’s social security splashed across the front of the card. Your new card will have randomly generated digits and letters to protect seniors from identity theft. About time, right? How long has this been a concern?The rumor right now is that the new card already has an acronym which will be MBI (Medicare Beneficiary Identifier). No proof or final draft has been produced yet, but the new MBI card will supposedly have 11 characters which will be a combination of upper-case letters, lower-case-letters, and numbers.For years this has been a big topic of conversation between myself and my clients. We all come to the same conclusion every time, we put men on the moon in the 1960’s but we can’t create a Medicare card to protect our senior citizens?Because of this government ignorance I always tell my clients to make a copy of…