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Mutual of Omaha Advantage Plans in 2019

It has finally been announced, Mutual of Omaha will offer Medicare Advantage plans in 2019.Since the inception of Medicare back in 1966 Mutual of Omaha has been the #2 largest Medicare supplement (Medigap) provider to Medicare recipients. Since that time Mutual of Omaha has never entered the Medicare Advantage market.To help launch the Medicare Advantage program, Mutual of Omaha will be teaming up with Lumeris Inc. who is based in St Louis. Lumeris develops and provides technology solutions and strategic advising services to healthcare organizations.The company also offers consulting services in value-based care model, including incentive contract design, education on practice redesign, support to health systems, and payers. It provides guidance in launching Medicare advantage health plans, commercial, and government health plan optimization; and multi-payer and multi-population health services organizations.Lumeris will take care of setting up the provider networks for Mutual of Omah…